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Critterfence Fence Photos

Critterfence Photos
Critterfence photos of fences designed to keep animals in or out. Typically used as a garden fence or fencing to control deer from eating plants. Custom no-climb extenders are available as well as complete fence systems with a top. Applications as a: deer fence, garden fence, dog fence, cat fence, woodchuck or groundhog fence, rabbit fence, chicken fence, coyote fence, goose fence, snake fence, raccoon fence, wild pig/boar fence, squirrel fence as well as a general farm fence.

Steve PA Critterfence 800 7.5 x 165

by | Thursday, December 31, 2015 |

"Finally remembered to send you a shot of the fence we put up. Nothing fancy design or install-wise, but it went up well and your product was easy to handle. So far we haven’t had any snow in southwestern PA, so the deer have not been visiting much at all. So we’ll assume it will work well! Thanks for the nice product.SteveO"Steve used a 7.5 x 165' roll of Critterfence 800 with his own posts for his project....

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4H Community Garden Fence CT

by | Saturday, June 27, 2015 |

Nice 7 foot finished height fence installed at the 4H Community Garden in CT. Critterfence 800 poly fence mesh reinforced with 12ga tension cable includes 6" of overlap staked to the ground to prevent deer from pushing up under the fence. Warning banners are spaced 8 foot on center approximately to prevent deer from running into the fence by accident.

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Hill Garden Fence Washington State

by | Saturday, June 20, 2015 |

Thanks to Keith from WA for his photos and comments. Keith used 700lb test Critterfence 700 with 2 foot 1" opening black PVC Steel Web bottom wire."Final project is a 40ft x 30ft garden, with 8ftx15ft greenhouse in the middle. Using rain barrel drip irrigation setup. On the hill above my home in Issaquah, WA. I have multiple deer on my property that I see every day, and they've rather enjoyed eating my wife's roses and raspberries, and the rabbits love eating my kale and lettuce....so the deer...

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Middle School Garden Fence Missouri

by | Wednesday, May 13, 2015 |

These students, with help, constructed a garden fence 7.5ft tall x 150 feet long and a 4 foot wide access gate. The fence material in this kit consists of Critterfence 700 on the top and 1" opening 2 foot tall Steel Web on the bottom.Nice job! "We wanted to share a picture of our Middle School students completing the building of the CritterFence.Next step planting!"

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