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CritterFence: Fence to keep animals in or out

Critterfence specializes in physical non-electric fence to keep animals in or out without harming them - Effective, but invisible from a distance to blend in with your landscape and nature

Garden Fence

Garden Fence

Garden fences typically include a small opening size mesh (one inch or smaller) at the base of another fence type. You can also have a garden fence with all one inch opening size mesh throughout. Most garden fencing designs include a minimum of 6 inches of overlap on the ground, staked to the ground facing outwards. This acts as a dig deterrent for digging animals that try to enter your garden. This overlap on your animal fence can also be buried. There are many different configurations and types of garden fencing meshes that can be used depending on your project. For example, some customers use ½ inch opening size mesh at the base buried to combat moles. As another example, some customers create a complete enclosure with a top to exclude all animals including birds (great for blueberries).

Here's a great place on our site to compare garden fence types.

Deer Fence

Deer Fence

A deer fence usually consists of tall fence mesh (6 feet tall to 10 feet tall) engineered to keep deer in or out of an area. The lower height deer fencing is often used to surround shrubs like arborvitae from being eaten by deer. This shrub type of fencing is typically seasonally removable. Without deer control, deer can do immense damage to shrubs, crops, landscape plants and more. If they are hungry enough, deer will eat just about anything. This type of fence can surround a square/rectangular area as a stand alone deer fence with access gates, be used as a backyard deer fence using a house as one side or utilized as a complete perimeter deer fence setup along a property line including a solution for the driveway. Perimeter deer fences are becoming more popular because 1) in some areas a deer fence can also act as a pool code compliant fence and 2) excluding deer has also proven to keep out ticks that can carry tick borne disease. For more info about ticks and deer fence please visit

In general, the more linear footage (as if you measured with a tape measure) your fence is the taller it needs to be to exclude deer.

Here's a great place on our site to compare deer fence types.

Dog Fence

Dog Fence

As you probably know, dogs have many different personalities and characteristics – even within specific breeds. Two dogs of the same breed and the same age can be completely different. For that reason, we provide all different types of dog fence types to ensure that your fur best buddy safe. For example:

Some customers may need a basic barrier fence so that their supervised dog stays in an area because their dog respects boundaries and is older or well trained. On the other end of the spectrum, some customers may need a no-climb escape proof dog fence for their Houdini dog that always gets out. Most customers are in the middle with their dog fence consisting of a poly dog fence upper, a smaller steel chew barrier base layer overlapped on the ground facing inside as a dig deterrent along with tension cable to hold the fence up as their dogs put their paws on the fence pulling it down. No matter the type of dog you own, our animal fence solutions can accomodate them.

Here's a great place on our site to compare dog fence types.

Cat Fence

Cat Fence

If you have a cat or cats, you know how agile sneaky and tricky cats can be. Most cat fences include no-climb post extenders in one or both directions. These extenders have an angled design; when a cat climbs the fence gravity will turn them back to the ground. Most cat fences also include cat fencing that is overlapped and staked to the ground every two feet facing inside. This acts as a dig deterrent but also covers small changes in grade, peaks and valleys that cats can use to push up under a fence to get out.

Cat fences with no climb extenders in both directions are popular with cat rescues that need to separate their cats by gender or for other reasons, to prevent raccoons from climbing into their space to eat cat food. Or to keep cats safe from coyotes that can climb into traditional fence. Critterfence carries a full line of animal fence kits to address your pet's needs.

Here's a great place on our site to compare cat fence types.

More Animal Fence

Animal Fence

Our fences and fence system can be used for many different types of animals. Here are some examples of the types of animal fence we provide our customers:

Raccoon fence, geese fence / goose fence, coyote fence, snake fence, groundhog fence / woodchuck fence, chicken fence, feral pig fence, fences to keep game birds safely enclosed as well as a general farm fence for goats and other farm animals.

Here's a great place on our site to compare other animal fence types.

Manufacturer - Wholesale Direct

We offer our wire fence products, specialized fence system products and accessories wholesale direct to consumers, end users, landscape companies, government agencies, universities, commercial growers and more. Popular items include our complete no-dig fence systems with ground sleeves and locking set screws (no concrete necessary), our different strengths of poly fence mesh and our hot dip galvanized after welding black PVC coated welded wire mesh. This is our product that we stock and ship directly– in most cases within one business day from ordering – from three different shipping points throughout the US.

Please compare our wire fence and other products then contact us with any questions. Here’s a direct link to take you to our transparent pricing model.

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