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If you have a need to KEEP DEER OUT, KEEP OUT ANIMALS or KEEP ANIMALS IN our fence system is for you! Here's why:

  • MINIMAL VISUAL IMPACT: Not visible from a short distance & nearly invisible from 15 feet away - much less visible than conventional fencing - blends in well with existing landscapes - great as a invisible garden fence, fences for animal containment or for deer control.
  • COST: Although Critterfence is engineered to last, it costs less than conventional fencing. Great expanses can be covered at an affordable price, custom installed on your property
  • IT WORKS! Proven components, experience and design over the past 20+ years allow us to provide you with a solution that just works. Compare our competition we are the best.
  • NOT ELECTRIC FENCE: There are no components to fail and our garden fence systems don’t shock animals or people. Electric fence will work with farm animals that you train by showing them the shock of an electric fence. Large wild animals that run into an electric garden fence will be shocked and most likely not return as well; however, after they have run into an electric garden fence it will also likely be broken. Most electric fences are made up of single strands of charged wire not suited for large wildlife. They are also not effective in woody areas with falling tree branches. As a deer fence, we only use permanent physical barrier type deer fences that are not electric.
  • USING TREES AS POSTS: Critterfence is one of the only types of garden fencing that works well suspended from trees without harming the trees or the garden fencing itself. Most other heavy gauge metal fencing will not flex as a tree grows. This will cause the fencing to break or grow into the tree and kill the tree. By using trees, you also don’t have to spend money on the cost of posts. As an added bonus, our garden fencing hung from trees is completely invisible.
  • SEASONALLY REMOVABLE: Our post and sleeve system can be made permanent with galvanized locking sleeve spikes or made portable / temporary / removable. This means that during the winter when hungry deer want your arborvitae, your fence is in place. During other months you can take it down. Galvanized sleeves stay in the ground year round for easy up and down fencing. This also works well when used as a vegetable garden fence. Some customers take down the fence after the growing season for easy tilling of the ground. Access gates can also be installed in ground sleeves and made removable. Here's our fence instructions page.
  • GREAT FOR CLIMBING ANIMALS, RODENTS AND BIRDS: We offer exclusive, heavy duty solutions to keep climbing animals in or out. This includes no-climb post extenders mounted on standard posts or corner posts as well as complete fences with a rodent barrier and enclosures with a top to exclude or contain birds. Raccoons climbing into your vegetable garden? Need a bird proof enclosure? Review our no-climb fence kits or garden fence kits with top. Great as a pet fence too.
  • POOL CODE COMPLIANT: Most of our fencing is pool code compliant for use around swimming pools. Request a free sample for your local building office for approval.
  • TICK CONTROL: It has been proven that by excluding deer and other wildlife, you also reduce the number of ticks in an area, up to 90% over time. As wild animals are the primary source of transport for ticks and tick diseases, keep out those animals and you will keep out ticks. Here's a link to our tick control by using a fence page.


Not all deer fence kits, garden fences and animal fence materials are created equal. We've spent many years professionally installing animal containment and animal exclusion fences. Our garden and deer fence kits consist of the same high strength, high quality materials that our installers use. Need an installed solution? Try our network of nationwide professional installers.

Our garden fence kits and other deer fence systems are designed to be installed by property owners and contractors alike. Put together by standard tools, we believe we offer the highest quality most effective garden fence materials of this type. Need garden fence ideas? Page through our garden fence photos.

Applications and kits include: as a deer fence, a multi-use fence on a farm, to protect arborvitae, keep out raccoons, no climb coyote fence, vegetable garden fence, goose fencing (as a goose barrier fence), groundhog or woodchuck rodent barrier fence, snake fence, a fence to keep out feral pigs, blueberry enclosure and more. For containment: game bird fence and poultry fence, aka chicken fences for example.


Planning a vegetable garden? Protecting a community garden? We have garden fence kits engineered exactly for that purpose. There are different heights and strengths depending on your application.

Review our garden fence kits and give us a call with questions – we can explain how to accomplish what you want to do.


There are different strengths of deer fence material and configurations to compare depending on your application. This includes all metal deer fence, high strength plastic deer fence and a combination of both together to form one fence.

The key to an effective deer fence is to create an invisible barrier. If deer can judge the height of a fence they will try and jump it. A good example of a bad deer fence is a chain link fence with a top rail (a top bar at the top of a chain link fence for structure). Like an Olympian in a pole vault competition, that top rail is very easy to clear for deer and gives them perspective for jumping. We specialize in high strength invisible deer fence. Have an existing fence you need to make higher? Try our garden extension kits for that purpose.

In addition, we only supply fence material with humane, small opening sizes that deer don’t get caught in. Another good example of a bad deer fence is anything with a 4” opening size. If you Google “deer caught in fence” you will see some graphic photos. Thick strand wide opening size farm fence, field fence or game fence is not the best choice for deer containment or exclusion. We offer 2” or smaller opening size fence material and 1” opening size multi-purpose bird and deer netting. Have questions? We’ve used fencing of all types, please call or send us an email.


In the market for deer netting, garden fence kits or some related supplies? Buy with confidence knowing we are the source. We stock, build and ship these materials to you direct.

Please compare then contact us for wholesale, non-profit, distributor and re-seller programs.

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