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Critterfence Garden Fence Photos

Photos of Critterfence Garden Fence
Critterfence photos of fences designed to keep animals in or out. Typically used as a garden fence or fencing to control deer from eating plants. Custom no-climb extenders are available as well as complete fence systems with a top. Applications as a: deer fence, garden fence, dog fence, cat fence, woodchuck or groundhog fence, rabbit fence, chicken fence, coyote fence, goose fence, snake fence, raccoon fence, wild pig/boar fence, squirrel fence as well as a general farm fence.

Rabbit Fence Chatham MA

by | Friday, June 29, 2018 |
Nice Rabbit Fence With Wood Frame

Thanks to this customer for his photos of our Critterfence metal garden fencing on his wood framing for a short rabbit / garden fence - very nice! "This is a replacement fence we made for a client in Chatham, MA. Made and installed by Beacon Custom Carpentry LLC and Timothy J. Kent Landscsaping Inc."...

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Sharon's Garden Fence

by | Saturday, June 17, 2017 |

Hi, thanks to Sharon B for submitting photos of her custom garden fence. Sharon used 6 x 100' Critterfence 1100 paired with 1/2"x1/2" black PVC coated steel grid bottom fencing. "Love your product! Thought you would like to see the finished project. Sincerely, Sharon"

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