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Critterfence 200 Bird Netting

    • Up to a 5 year useful life
    • 100% virgin polypropylene (no recycled material) - polypropylene is not chew proof
    • 150 pounds certified breaking strength - this is a lightweight material that can be pulled apart by hand
    • 1/2" to 3/4" approximate opening size (more than 1/2 inch, less than 3/4 inch approximately)
    • Will not corrode or rust
    • Lightweight and easy to work with
    • Has one finished top edge and a bottom plain rough edge
    • Ships wrapped in a small bundle taped together to be unraveled
    • Typically used for covering plants and shrubs to protect from birds and deer damage

    Why is our poly fencing better than everything else on the market? Click here: Poly Fence Rolls Comparison

    Roll sizes below are represented by height and length. For example: 7.5 x 100 is 7 1/2 feet tall by 100 feet long.

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