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Snake Fence. Wholesale direct DIY snake fencing, keep snakes out

Snake Fence Rolls & Parts

This page explains snake fences and will compare different snake fence kits. Don't need a complete snake fence with posts? Here are three quick links to take you directly to fence rolls and other parts:

Snake Fence Comparison

Snake fence is a type of fencing engineered to keep out snakes of different sizes. Typical applications include:

  • Preventing snakes from entering an area like a backyard or a perimeter fence
  • Preventing snakes from entering a work site area – for example, keeping snakes from sliding down into trenches for pipeline construction
  • Preventing snakes from getting into buildings or enclosures (like a chicken coop)
  • Building an enclosure for pet snakes

A snake fence kit is a selection of fencing, fence posts, accessories and hardware to build a complete fence to keep out snakes starting from nothing. Our snake fences are not electric and cannot fail due to broken wires, dead batteries, etc. They are engineered to keep out many different animals besides snakes, depending on the options you choose. They also make great pet fences to keep in dogs and other pets in.

There are 1000+ fence kits, combinations and options within each of these types of snake fences.

The purpose of this page is to help you compare the choices to best select the snake fence or snake fencing you need for your project.

In general, most snake fence customers select:

  • A snake fence with overlap. This type of snake fence includes extra fencing overlapped and staked to the ground to the outside of the area. This acts as a dig deterrent and covers small ups and downs in your landscape snakes push up under to use for entry. The overlap is usually 6 inches to 12 inches. The overlap can also be buried. Our Critterfence metal fence is hot dip galvanized after welding or weaving and engineered for fence to soil contact. This is much different and better than electro galvanized wire or hot dip galvanized wire before welding. 
  • A poly snake fence with a chew barrier base. Poly fence has properties that make it a great fence for snakes if paired with a 1/2x1/2 or smaller metal base. Poly fence doesn’t have memory (if it’s hit it returns to its original shape unlike metal that once bent stays bent). Poly fence is also lightweight, very strong and inexpensive. The most popular type of backyard fence to keep out wildlife is a poly fence paired with a smaller opening size steel snake fence base with 1/2x1/2 or smaller openings. This will keep out a broad spectrum of animals including deer and snakes while keeping pets and people safe.
  • A 1/2x1/2 or 1/4x1/4 opening size metal mesh. Specifically for snakes, opening size matters. If the opening size is too large snakes will pass through. If the opening size is small but not small enough, snakes can get trapped inside the mesh and die. In general, for severe snake problems customers select 1/4x1/4 (if you have any doubts this is a safe choice) to keep out even the smallest snakes, while most customers use 1/2x1/2. Snake types can vary greatly based on geography, please consult your local Department of Natural Resources to research more information.
  • Below are our snake fence kits separated by type:

Snake Fence Kits With Metal Base (MOST POPULAR) (Two Layers Of Fence) This is the most popular type of fence to keep animals out. These kits consist of poly fencing (in all different heights and strengths) or steel on top, paired with some smaller opening size steel fencing (in different heights, strengths and opening sizes) on the bottom. The purpose of these snake fence kits is to not only exclude large animals like deer, coyotes etc (poly fence is great for large animals) but also small animals like snakes and other wildlife (rabbits, groundhogs).


Snake Fence Kits With OverlapFor snakes, steel fence kits that include a minimum of 6" of overlap to pin to the ground. Only the metal versions of this type of fence kit are great for snake exclusion. Snakes will try to gain entry through even the smallest openings. Also can be removable or permanent.


Snake Fence Kits Without Rodent Barrier Or OverlapNot typical for snake exclusion, for specialty applications only. These fence kits do not have any overlap on the ground (easy for snakes to get under). They are easily removable and likely most suitable if the entire fence line is to be buried, like around a construction pipeline site to prevent snakes from sliding into an area.


Snake Fence Kits With Angled Climb ProtectionThese are specially designed fence kits that include protection against climbing animals (keeps animals in, keeps animals out or keeps animals both ways in and out). The posts in these kits include extensions on the top of each post; when paired with included fencing, these extensions make an overhead canopy that animals can't climb over. These kits can include overlap on the ground and also a snake barrier at the bottom. They are most often used by customers that want to keep their cats in and other animals out (like snakes) but also want to keep out other climbing animals like raccoons.


Snake Fence Information

Snake fence - how to successfully use snake fencing to build snake fences
Snake fence - how to successfully use snake fencing to build snake fences

There are a few different snake fence options on the market. If you have a need to create a fence to keep snakes from an area, our fence is for you.

Here’s why:

  • Our snake fencing is effective but nearly invisible from a distance. It's engineered to be as invisible as possible, to blend in with your existing landscape.
  • Completely NON-ELECTRIC, no wires to break, no parts to fail over time. A real actual physical barrier to keep snakes out.
  • Our snake fences are very customizable. Choose the right strength, height, chew resistance, opening size and more for your project. This includes fence gates from 3 feet wide to 24 feet wide, thicker corner posts/end posts if applicable, tensioning for your snake fence and more. We offer the largest selection of snake fence products on the market.
  • We make our snake fences quick and easy to install. Using patent pending ground sleeves for regular posts and gates and large ground sleeves for corner posts and driveway gates no concrete footings are needed. Posts are secured with a locking set screw inside each sleeve. Large areas can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take for conventional fencing. Most customers install this type of fence themselves without contractors.
  • Since 1992 we have been providing this type of animal exclusion fencing directly to our customers. This is our product that we ship from our warehouses coast to coast to you. Unlike most companies, we don't drop ship from 3rd party suppliers - it's just our product that we ship ourselves to you.

Snake Fence Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best snake fence?
The best type of snake fence is strong enough to keep out snakes without hurting snakes or getting snakes caught in the fence. This is usually 1/2x1/2 metal snake fence mesh or 1/4x1/4 metal snake fence mesh.
How do I build a snake fence?
Snake fences are made of support posts, rolls of fencing material and hardware. Ground sleeves are first driven into the ground with a sledge hammer, posts then slide in the ground sleeves and secure with locking set screws. Fencing material is either attached to the posts directly with fence ties or attached to tension cable which offers additional support. Snake fences can be buried at the bottom of the fence or overlapped and pinned to the ground with stakes to prevent snakes from pushing up under the fence – necessary to keep snakes out.
What is the easiest snake fence to install?
The easiest snake fence to install uses ground sleeves. Ground sleeves are first driven into the ground with a sledge hammer, posts then slide in the ground sleeves and secured with a locking set screw. The posts can be permanent or removable. Snake fences with tensioning are not removable. It’s easier to remove a snake fence without overlap, than one with overlap.
What is snake fence made out of?
Snake fence is usually made out of black PVC coated galvanized steel. Here’s some additional information:
  • Metal snake fence: Small to large opening size wire fence of various thicknesses and strength. Important for snake exclusion is the opening size. Snake fence mesh should be 1/2x1/2 opening size down to 1/4x1/4 opening size depending on the types of snakes in a geographic area. Also important, it’s recommended that this fencing be overlapped and staked to the ground (bent in the shape of an “L”) to prevent snakes from pushing up under the snake fence. This fencing can also be buried. The best type of snake fence is galvanized after welding then black PVC coated. This type of fence is engineered for fence to soil contact and can be buried inside the ground, resistant to corrosion. 
How tall does a snake fence need to be?
A snake fence needs to be 36 inches tall typically. Depending on your geographic area and the snakes in your area this height can be lower or higher. This snake fence height depends on different factors such as the length of the snake fence and the amount of snake pressure in the area where the fence is installed. Note: along with the proper height of a snake fence, you also need to make sure you are using the proper opening size snake fencing and it needs to be secured by overlapping and staking to the ground to prevent snakes from pushing up under the fence.
Can snake climb over a fence?
Snakes can climb fences! The general rule is snakes can support 1/3 of their overall body length. In general, snakes will avoid climbing if there is a path of lesser resistance (going under the fence for example). Your 1/4x1/4 or 1/2x1/2 snake fence should be installed 36” from the ground approximately depending on the snake population in your geographic area.
How much does snake fence cost?
Snake fence will range in price from $1 a foot to $10 a foot or more depending on the width and type of snake fence and if you are purchasing rolls of snake fence only or a complete snake fence kit. 1/4x1/4 is more expensive than 1/2x1/2
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