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Critterfence Hemp Drying Mesh

Dry hemp, cannabis and other plants by staging it on our Critterfence brand polyproylene 650 or 700 fencing used as hemp drying mesh. With proper air movement and light during the drying/curing process, you will have the best result with your dried plant product.

This BPA free and FDA compliant hemp drying net is available in roll sizes that are easily cut (pruning snips or metal snips work best) to your exact width and length. If you are reading this page, you likely know horticulture drying netting is used in the drying process of the flower or plant by reducing the water content of the hemp buds, cannabis buds or other plant material by circulating air up, through and around the plant material. This mesh is ideal for this particular application.

Our Critterfence 650 or 700 deer fence mesh features an approx. 2 inch x 2 inch opening or 1 inch by 1 inch for different options, depending on the type of product you are drying.

These meshes are fairly inexpensive, most include free shipping, are reusable, hard to stick to (nearly non-stick), and a breeze to clean.

Critterfence Marijuana Drying Netting - Cannabis Drying Netting

The process of drying marijuana/cannabis occurs at the point of harvesting marijuana plants to slow down the potency effects of the crop.

Marijuana drying netting is used for both outdoor and for indoor growers. These BPA free polypropylene grow house drying nets from Critterfence are also FDA compliant with opening sizes that allow cannabis and hemp flowers to receive proper air circulation and light during the drying/curing process (2x2 is typically used for this application, our 700 series deer fence mesh). There are other opening sizes and strengths of mesh available - the 700 is typical.

Other uses - Critterfence as cannabis tray liners and plant support netting

As tray liners: There are many advantages to using plastic drying netting as tray liners. For one, the mesh is lightweight and easy to manage. Plastic drying netting is easy to clean, reusable and non-stick compared to other types of lattice netting.

As plastic lattice mesh or plant support netting: Lastly, this same product can be used as plastic lattice mesh or plant support netting. It's a much less expensive alternative to traditional plant support netting and can be used for indoor or outdoor use as trellis netting for all types of plants including marijuana, tomatoes, cucumbers and other climbing plants.

This Critterfence poly fence mesh is available in different lengths and widths to be used as drying mesh to suit the individual grower’s needs, shop this drying netting below in different opening sizes, widths and lengths:

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