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These samples are 4 inch to 6 inch approximate size square pieces of fencing. One sample packet includes all of the fencing we offer.

The standard priority mail sample order will charge you the actual $6.50 cost for shipping samples. This cost is deducted from your first order with us.

Got a project coming up fast? Choose our next day service. Note: this expense is not deducted from your first order, only the standard sample shipping cost.

Our USPS mail pickup is 11am Eastern time. Please call first if you need samples by a particular date.

The Critterfence 700, 800 and 1100 fence material is all high strength 2" or smaller opening size polypropylene - typically used for keeping out or containing large animals like deer, dogs, cats or other animals.

The Critterfence Steel Web and Steel Grid are both small opening size steel types of fencing (2", 1" opening size and 1/2" opening size) typically used to contain or keep out small chewing animals like rabbits, moles, snakes and more.

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