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THOUSANDS OF KITS: There are 1000+ kits, combinations and selectable options within each kit to choose from.

Fence Kit Types - What is the purpose of your fence?

Garden Fence Kits: Professional DIY fence kits to keep most animals out of a garden area. Usually has 4 sides with one or more access gates (door). Some kits include a top to keep out birds. CLICK HERE: GARDEN FENCE KITS

Deer Fence Kits: Professional DIY fence kits engineered to exclude deer. May include a chew barrier at the bottom to also keep out other animals. Can be used to keep deer out of small areas or very large areas. CLICK HERE: DEER FENCE KITS

Dog Fence Kits: These DIY fence kits are focused on keeping dogs in as well as other animals out. Most include a no-dig base overlapped and staked to the ground to prevent dogs from pushing up under the fence. No shock, not electric and escape proof! CLICK HERE: DOG FENCE KITS

Cat Fence Kits: Similar to the above, but some cat fence kits include additional no-climb post extenders in one direction or both. Our posts with extenders are engineered to exclude or contain climbing animals in one direction or both directions. For example, to keep cats in your yard while keeping other cats or climbing coyotes out. CLICK HERE: CAT FENCE KITS

Other Critter Fence Kits: Chickens, farm animals, geese, groundhogs, rabbits, snakes, feral pigs, raccoons, coyotes, game birds & more. CLICK HERE: CRITTER FENCE KITS

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