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Thanks to Sharon for the photos she sent us and comments. Sharon used a 8' tall x 100' long fence kit without an access gate (she made her own using fencing pulled back) which consists of Critterfence 700 poly fence mesh with 1" steel web bottom wire fencing. As you can tell from the photos, the rodent barrier and fencing as a whole is not very visible from a distance.

Hi there! We recently purchased one of your kits back on the week of the 12th. We picked it up on the 17th and had the 9 posts and the mesh netting installed on the same day! The purpose of this fence was to protect our garden. Last year, our garden was 14' x 13' - not bad. This year though, we decided to more than TRIPLE that, by expanding the garden to 25' x 25'. That required hours of removing grass and tilling. HOURS.

And not only did we decide to expand the garden by 3.4 times the previous one, we decided to add in a deer fence. Why? Well, there have been NUMEROUS deer tracks through the garden this Spring and towards the end of last year, something figured out we're growing corn and ripped down the remaining stalks. So, we decided to go with a preventative measure before losing crops. We also included the rodent barrier too. We did go outside the 25' x 25' space of the garden, so we had to patch together a little something to take up the extra fencing area we didn't have in the kit (the finished fencing is 28' x 28').

The mesh of the fence seems pretty durable and from a distance, you can hardly see it - which I love! I included photos of the finished project. Most of the photos are taken from about 20-30 feet away. I did take one from the top of my driveway, which is about 70-80 feet away and you truly can't see the fencing unless the sun hits it just right. The mesh fence and the rodent fence are curved outward onto the ground about 6" and staked down with the stakes every 2 feet. We also put some plastic under the fencing that's staked in the ground to deal with the grass.

For the part we ran out of mesh for, we went to Home Depot and got some black coated wire fencing and used that to patch together the extra fence as well as make the "gate."

This project took us about 2 weeks to complete, mostly because we had to work. We had all 9 poles in the ground in one day as well as the mesh up in one day. We pretty much finished the fencing in the same weekend. We didn't get the rodent fence up until the next week though. And then we still had to deal with the plastic, the zip ties for the rodent fencing, and the stakes. I think it’ll do the job nicely though. Overall, I'm quite happy with everything in the kit. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Thanks to Margaret from Missouri for the photo she submitted. Margaret used two of our fence kits plus a 4 x 3 access gate to build this enclosure - very nice! "Just wanted to give you feedback that we're happy with the fence we purchased from you. Here's a photo.
Thank you

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This page is dedicated to customer submitted photos and photos of installed deer fences, garden fences and pet containment fences. For more pictures and customer submitted comments, please visit our Facebook page.

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