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Critterfence Fence Photos

Critterfence Photos
Critterfence photos of fences designed to keep animals in or out. Typically used as a garden fence or fencing to control deer from eating plants. Custom no-climb extenders are available as well as complete fence systems with a top. Applications as a: deer fence, garden fence, dog fence, cat fence, woodchuck or groundhog fence, rabbit fence, chicken fence, coyote fence, goose fence, snake fence, raccoon fence, wild pig/boar fence, squirrel fence as well as a general farm fence.

Nice wood framing and gates using Critterfence 1100 Maryland

by | Friday, May 13, 2016 |

Thanks to Wendy from MD for her photos and comments. Wendy has used Critterfence 1100 with her own wood posts and framing to create a very beautiful garden area. "I spoke to you last week May 5 or 6. I live in Maryland and I have bought your deer fencing to protect my deciduous azaleas in the landscaping from the deer. You have such a great product! It was not too difficult to put up - my husband used 4x4 poles, he ran a rail at the bottom to nail to as well. IT IS BEAUTIFUL and so are the...

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Garden Fence MA

by | Thursday, May 5, 2016 |
Garden Fence MA

A nice example of a small removable garden fence in MA submitted by customers with comments.

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Garden fence using conduit

by | Thursday, April 7, 2016 |

Hi, thanks to Tom from Ohio for his photos and comments. Tom used a really neat method to create a protected raised bed garden area. Conduit tubing is used to hold the fence material, which is held by hooks. The sides can be taken down for access then put back up. Great idea Tom!I built a new raised bed with critterfence sides that can be removed and restored as needed. I wove the critterfence onto 0.5" electrical conduit and used 1.5" cup hooks to support the conduit. I like working with...

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