Pet Fences - Do It Yourself Invisible Pet Fences

We are pet people!

If you are a pet person, you know that your dog or cat or other pet is one of your family. We offer inexpensive NON ELECTRIC no shock pet containment fence systems for your canine or feline family members (or other pets!!) designed to keep them safe.

Unlike many standard fences enlisted in the pet fence cause, our fences really work. They are less visible, more effective, and more easily installed than the lion’s share of other fences; and they come tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

DIY Invisible Pet Fence Installation

DIY Pet Fence
This above DIY Dog Fence graphic illustrates the standard way customers install our dog fences. This installation is easy, proven effective and can be installed permanently or made temporary / removable with our patent pending ground sleeves with set screw. No special tools are needed.

Professional Invisible Pet Fence Installation

DIY Pro Fence
This Pro DIY Dog Fence Installation example illustrates how a commercial grade version of our dog fence is installed. Two levels of tension cable are installed in a loop format through post cable collars with tensioning connectors. This is the same way we have been installing this type of dog fencing for our customers for over 20 years. Different types of fence material can be used in different configurations. Although still an easy DIY project, specialized tools are used. This type of installation is not a good choice for customers that want a removable fence for their dogs.

How is our Critterfence pet fence different from conventional fence?

  • Visibility: Our pet fences don’t intrude. That is, the fencing itself (typically a 1-inch or 2-inch mesh of metal or strong polypropylene) fades into near-invisibility at 10 or 15 feet, leaving our good-looking round black posts (with extender arms in the case of a cat fence) as the only things you see.

  • Effectiveness: You can rely on our pet fences. Not only are they designed to contain pets, but you can select features fitting your pet’s specific needs. Is jumping an issue? Get a tall fence. (We offer fences up to 8 feet tall, though 5 or 6 feet generally does the job.) Does your dog dig under fences? Arrange for a bottom fold (folded outward toward your pet and staked down) to prevent that. Discourage climbing with a small mesh (typically 1” x 1”). Or counter chewing with stronger (2” x 2” or 2” x 4”) fencing.

    In the case of cat fences, our fences work because cats won’t climb upside down. So if you mount our 2-foot extender arms on the inside of the fence, your cat will stay in the protected area. Plus, if you’re worried about stray cats, raccoons, or other intruders, mount another set of extender arms pointing outward to keep those critters out.

  • Easy Installation: Compared to installing something like a picket or chain link fence, installation of our fences is a breeze. For starters, all our posts come with 2.5-foot sleeves. So even for tall fences you don’t need a ladder or sledgehammer. Just tap the sleeve into the ground using our protective drive cap (anvil) and a hammer. When about an inch of the sleeve is above ground, remove the anvil and insert the post. It’s easy. Then add the extender arms (for a cat fence) or the tensioning system (for a dog fence), attach the fencing, stake down the fencing, and you’re done. Since all our posts, including the brace posts, work well without labor-intensive cement footings, no cement footings are needed.

How is our pet fence different than other types on the market?

A few other pet fence vendors offer fences that resemble ours, but ours have virtues others lack. They typically use lesser materials. Our black steel posts have thicker walls; our black welded wire fencing is galvanized over the weld (not under it) - this fencing is designed to withstand direct contact with the soil and can be buried in the ground.

Plus, our people have been inventive. They have created a support system for our brace posts that provides good bracing without cement footings. They have devised a screw and plate for our post sleeves that keeps the posts from rattling in the wind. And they have made sure that Critterfence provides a large selection of pet fence kits and materials.

So have a look at our array of kits and other products, or contact us for a free quote, support, or guidance—knowing we are both experienced and well-equipped to protect your pet.