Deer Proof Garden in PA

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Mary S in Downington, PA created a beautiful deer proof garden in her yard using our poly fence 700 7.5x330

"You were so great to work with! My deer/critter fence was installed last fall and it's the best thing I've done in the 48 years I've lived here. My landscaper and I settled on pretty entrances in cedar with mini deer resistant plant gardens for the front and back walks. We used wood posts in the front yard so I could hang bird, bee, and butterfly houses on them and the black posts through the woods, attaching to trees where possible. I have a double door entry to the woods in back so we can haul leaves for composting and a single door in front on the other side of the house for oil and propane deliveries. I have extra supplies in case tree branches fall. I'm not done planting yet, but I'm so excited with my flourishing plants and the bees and butterflies are busy! An added bonus is I have a dog park and my daughters' puppies can be off leash!

We had a herd of deer, 3 groundhogs and 11 voles - if they didn't eat the plant, they ate the roots! Fingers crossed. Haven't had any critters, except chipmunks, since it went up. Thanks again for your help and advice!

Mary Jo S

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