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These fence bottom ground stakes and staples are used to fasten the bottom of a fence, or pin the bottom of a fence to the ground. There are a few types of ground stakes:

  • 12" kinked galvanized ground stakes - electro-galvanized kinked shaft stakes (most popular) - designed to be driven through most soil types.div>
  • 18" straight rebar ground stakes - heavier duty, thicker rebar ground stakes for rocky soil or very sandy soil were the extra 6" of length helps

These stakes are necessary for animal exclusion or containment. Unless you pin or stake the bottom of a fence to the ground animals can push up under for access.

For ground stake installation, we suggest using a small 5lb sledge hammer. If you're driving stakes into a rocky area, try driving the stake on an angle instead of straight down.

We also supply heavy duty class III galvanized fence staples. They are used to attach fencing to wood trees or posts.

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