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Thanks to Mike and Melissa from MA for submitting their photos and comments. Mike and Melissa installed a removable fence kit consisting of 4 foot finished height fence posts and Critterfence 700 poly fence mesh.

Customers like the ability to take down a fence seasonally like this fence for a vegetable garden. Removable configurations are also used to protect trees and shrubs during the winter from deer damage (arborvitae for example).

"Customer Service: Debating replacement of a DIY worn out chicken wire garden fence was difficult. Another DIY fence or compare to what kits were available online.Critter fence looked like a good option but I had several questions over the course of a week or so.Doug patiently answered all questions via several emails and a few phone calls. After placing the order, delivery was very fast.Customer service was exceptional. Thanks again Doug.

Product Review: We have a few deer but needed a fence more to keep rabbits, groundhogs and other smaller animals from the garden.Thought we needed 5'

x 100' fencing but the 4' x 100' worked really well. All poles, pole sleeves and stakes are heavy duty and top quality. Our garden also has outside fence plantings of onions and potatoes not bothered by any animals.

2015 - spring

- Layout for any fencing is a bit of work.

- Post sleeves installed easily, driving anvil does the trick.

- Posts followed.

- Poly fence was installed with poles in place.

- Rodent barrier was not needed, just used 6" of poly on ground.

- Good heavy duty ties attached poly to poles.

- Basic kit, 7 poles, plus ordered 2 additional poles was all that was needed for the complete fence.

- made a DIY removable gate

2015 - Fall

- decided to take fence down for winter due to in grown weeds and desire to roto till inside/outside of fence perimeter.

- my wife and I pulled up all stakes and then removed all fence posts from sleeves with poly fencing still attached

- fencing and poles were then rolled snug and bundled with 2 straps, stored in dry basement for winter

- pole sleeves were capped, tapped on with rubber mallet.

- garden cleaned up and roto tilled

2016 - Spring

- garden cleanup and roto tilled

- sleeve caps, 9, took about 30 minutes to remove, stuck but come off with just a bit of effort.

- my wife set poles into sleeves as I unrolled the bundled poles and fencing.

- although a bit awkward unrolling, to our surprise this took all of 20 minutes

- re-staking fence still needs to be done, but very satisfied with ease of re-installing.

- only downside is 3 or 4 places were some animal may have chewed hole in poly fence, should be simple repair.

- needless to say this was a good decision to purchase a very good quality Critter Fence.

Any questions let know, hope pictures are clear.

Best Regards,

Mike and Melissa Sieminski

Scituate MA"

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