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    No-Climb fence kit notes: These fence kits are engineered to exclude or contain animals that climb. A great example of a perfect application is for cat or dog containment. These kits contain adjustable solid steel extenders that slide over and mount on the top of support posts create a canopy that animals aren't able to climb over. The height of the fence kit includes the post extender. For example, an 8ft fence kit has 7 foot finished height above ground posts - the post extender raises the overall height to 8 feet above ground. The highest point is the top of the post extender.

    • 28 black steel 1 5/8 7ft finished height fence posts
    • 28 black powder coated solid steel no-climb post extenders
    • 28 caps for posts (installed on posts already)
    • 28 no-dig ground sleeves for posts
    • 28 locking set screws installed in sleeves (makes posts removable or permanent - patent pending)
    • 1 7.5ft x 330ft roll of Critterfence 700 GRB black poly fence mesh
    • 1 4ft x 330ft roll of Critterfence 700 GRB black poly fence mesh
    • 1 large driving anvil for post sleeves per order (if multiple kits ordered, only one anvil is shipped)
    • 12 10 inch 120lb breaking strength black fence ties 100pk
    • 4 white warning banners 14pk
    • fence instructions

    These fence kits have two separate layers of fencing that need to be spliced together with multiple fence ties or using a hogringer hand tool with hogrings (not included). They also don't include a metal bottom wire base for chewing protection or overlapped fencing staked to the ground.


    Posts are round galvanized inside and out then black powder coated - no-dig sleeves are heavily galvanized inside and out for extreme long life - ground sleeves go into the ground 30", the finished height of the fence posts is the height above ground (for example, 8ft finished height is 8 feet above the ground once the sleeve is in the ground and the post has been installed into the sleeve).

    All posts with ground sleeves can be installed permanently or made removable. No dig ground sleeves get driven into the ground with a sledge hammer (available here on our website if needed: sledge hammer), posts then slide inside the sleeve and lock in with a locking set screw (patent pending). To remove posts for seasonal protection or to move your fence: 1) cut fence ties holding fence to posts 2) roll up fencing 3) slide post up out of sleeve. To make posts permanent, tighten the locking set screw in each sleeve to prevent the post from spinning or coming up out of the post.

    For rocky or heavily compacted ground, we suggest using a san angelo digging bar to pilot the hole for sleeves (instructions with kit). They are available here on our website if needed: san angelo digging bar. You can also use a powered drill or hammer drill with our sleeve auger bit found here: sleeve auger

    Tensioning & Tensioning Kit Notes:

    Tensioning - tensioning the above fence kit is optional. All of our fencing has structure; after unrolling the fence material it will reasonably stand up on it's own. With the proper post spacing allocated in each kit the fence material won't sag. Other fencing types (we do not sell any of this material!) are similar to soccer netting or flat strand fencing, where unless you pull the material up it will fall back down. If you decide to add a tension cable, here's what we suggest:

    Use the tension kit upgrade option in the kit drop down menu above. We will ship you the right amount of post cable collars, tension cable and Gripple tensioning connectors for the kit you're ordering. This includes enough cable and hardware to do two cable positions. This is usually at the top and either 1) where the bottom wire meets the top fencing [if applicable] 2) at 30" for additional support against animals running into the fence or 3) 6" from the ground to help prevent animals from pushing up under your fence.

    As a general rule, choose steel cable if you are suspending your fence only from the posts in your kit and choose monofilament cable if you're going to use a mix of posts and trees. Trees will grow and also move when there's wind; monofilament cable will stretch.

    If you decide to tension these no-climb fence kits, suggested wire placement is where the poly fence meets the bottom wire (if applicable) and on the top of the fence before the canopy starts to form. It's not suggested that you tension the canopy because it creates a stable platform for animals to jump and land on. Tensioning in this case would be to create a more taught looking finished fence and also to add extra structure to the fence.

    What's not included:

  • Corners and ends (suggested for right angles) which brace against the tension put on the fence, found here: corners and ends
  • 2 1/2 collars for corners and ends, need two for each corner or end purchased, found here: 2 1/2 post collars
  • A hogringer hand tool (optional but faster) to connect each strand of cable to your fencing. A 11/16 ringer with 1000 rings is found here: 11/16 hogringer or a faster 9/16 commercial grade ringer found here: 9/16 ringer - this ringer also supports the use of stainless steel hogrings
  • For large projects, a Gripple tensioning tool. Allows for highest possible tension. Corners and ends must also be used. The tool is found here: Gripple Tensioning Tool
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