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We are pet people!

If you are a pet person, you know that your dog or cat is one of your family. We offer inexpensive NON ELECTRIC no shock pet containment fence systems for your canine or feline family members designed to keep them safe.

Our company has been professionally installing these types of fences for customers longer than anyone. Initially, these materials were used to keep deer and other animals out. Customers quickly learned that they work just as well at keeping their pets in. Along with installing for customers, we have been shipping fence materials to customers for them to install themselves in complete kits or components.

Over the years, we've refined the type of materials we use. Everything we ship to our customers has been tested pet friendly and is nearly invisible from a distance to blend in well with your landscape.

On our websites, you will find the best fence materials available to create your own pet fence. We have a dedicated dog fence website and cat fence website. We specialize in fences to keep animals in or out. Feel free to navigate the colored tabs at the top of any page to get information specific to your project (fences for a dog, fences for a cat, fences to keep deer out, etc)

Please give us a call with questions, we're happy to help with your project.

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