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Tick Control

A near invisible fence system engineered for tick control, deer control + wildlife control- for people, pet and plant protection

A deer fence will help control ticks

Ticks are increasingly becoming not only a big nuisance but a serious health risk, considering tick control options are slim. While transmitting Lyme disease and other diseases, areas inundated with ticks can be a danger to you and your pets. Throughout New England and other states, ticks and their prey are taking their toll. Many have found the key to tick control is deer control and wildlife control.

While most areas haven't been exposed to as extreme of an increase in tick numbers, nationally the number of Lyme disease incidents have risen out of control to 3x what it was in previous years. This is largely due to an increase in deer population and other factors. Deet repellent and other insect and tick repellents will help but are almost as dangerous to humans as Lyme disease: link

Our fencing works to control the presence of ticks inside your enclosure by excluding the creatures that transport them- deer and other wildlife- by as much as 1/2 after the first year and as much as 90% over time. Study: link - Basically, deer control and wildlife control means fewer ticks!


Helpful hints:

We've installed many fences over the years in areas where there are many ticks. Sometimes, we unfortunately come back with them on us. One tip when working outside we learned from a customer at an installation on Nantucket is to tuck your pants into your socks if you can so they can't crawl up your pants. Spray repellent containing deet on your clothes not your skin. We've also used lavender as a natural repellent. There is a good lavender scented deodorant made by Tom's of Maine that has helped as well (not found in many stores but available online in many places).

Tick Control source, CDC

Lyme Disease: site - Full Deer Tick Info: site

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