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Critter Fence Kits

Non-electric fence kits engineered to exclude or contain animals

Do it yourself fence kits engineered to exclude or contain animals from an area.

Build a rabbit fence, chicken fence, snake fence, goose fence, raccoon fence, coyote fence, groundhog fence (aka woodchuck fence), feral pig fence, game bird fence and more.

Electric fence notes:

We use no shock animal safe designs to keep animals in or out, here's why:

Domestic animals can be contained by training with electric fence. Animals are first shocked purposely on the fence to let them know an electric fence is dangerous. They then stay away from the fence because they remember the shock. This can work but we choose non-electric fences because there's other ways to keep animals in without shocking them and also electric fences have many parts that can fail (charger, etc). Wild animals are different because they can't be trained first that a fence is dangerous. They will often walk into an electric fence and get shocked but also break the wire. This is a real problem for large animals like deer, coyote, wild pig and more. Once the wire is broken, the electric fence is useless. This also applies to falling tree branches, brush touching wires, etc.

Fence opening size notes:

We specialize in small opening size, lighter gauge nearly invisible fencing- here's why:

  • The smaller the opening size, the higher mix of animals you will be able to keep out or in - larger animals like coyotes have a tough time getting the leverage with their teeth needed to chew into a small opening size metal fence
  • We don't sell any fencing with an opening size greater than 2". Large opening size fencing, metal in particular, will catch and trap animals and cause them to get hurt. For example: animals caught in fence - if you have ever had to take a live or dead animal out of your fence you understand the importance of this
  • You can achieve the same overall fence strength with a greater number of thinner wires. For example, four strands of thinner wire is just as strong as 2 strands of thicker wire - in fact, sometimes it's actually stronger per foot depending on the twists or welds.
  • It's less visible - some animals, deer in particular, will try and jump a fence if they can judge the height. This is a good example of why a chain link fence is completely ineffective at keeping deer out. You can take this same principle and apply it to other types of thick strand fencing, typically 12ga or 14ga wire.

Chicken Fence Kits

  • Many different heights, strengths and lengths depending on what you need including metal for chewing predators, chicken fence kits with climb protection and complete chicken fence kits with a top for predator birds.
  • Posts can be permanent or removable depending on what you decide. Some customers creating a chicken fence like the capability to pick up the fence and move it to another spot, rotating the areas in which chickens spend their time. You can do this easily with our fence system. Our posts are installed by first driving ground sleeves in the ground. Posts then slide inside the ground sleeves. To move the fence, pull the posts up (even with the fencing attached) and insert into other ground sleeves already installed (ground sleeves stay in the ground, you're only moving the posts). You can rotate chicken areas as often as you want.

Rabbit - Groundhog/Woodchuck Fence Kits

Fence kits designed to contain or exclude rabbits or to keep out groundhogs. CLICK HERE TO SHOP GROUNDHOG RABBIT FENCE KITS

Snake Fence Kits

Fence kits with small opening size mesh designed to keep out snakes, typically large snakes like rattlesnakes from backyards or work areas. CLICK HERE TO SHOP SNAKE FENCE KITS

Goose Fence Kits

Usually, these fences are short and installed near water to deter geese from entering an area. CLICK HERE TO SHOP GOOSE FENCE KITS

Feral Pig Fence Kits

Short, strong fence systems usually used to keep wild pigs from eating crops and other plants. CLICK HERE TO SHOP PIG FENCE KITS

Coyote Fence Kits

Fence systems to exclude coyotes from an area, usually used to keep coyotes away from pets. May or may not include no-climb hardware and fencing on posts. CLICK HERE TO SHOP COYOTE FENCE KITS

Raccoon Fence Kits

Fence systems designed to keep raccoons out of an area. Usually include no-climb hardware and fencing on posts. CLICK HERE TO SHOP RACCOON FENCE KITS

Game Bird Fence Kits

Fence kits typically used to keep game birds in and wildlife out. May or may not include a top. CLICK HERE TO SHOP BIRD FENCE KITS


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