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Deer Fence Kits

Our deer fence kits consist of most everything you need to go from nothing to having a completed deer fence. Not included are accessories like access gates and installation tools. This is our deer fence kit category page where you can narrow down the type of deer fence kit you need based on your project. There are many different kits that also have additional options within each kit to choose from (sometimes up to 8 choices in each kit). That means there's literally over 1000 different configurations to choose from based on your project. The purpose of this page is to match what we offer with what you need by narrowing down your search.

Size example: 7 1/2 x 300 refers to a fence kit 7 1/2 foot above ground finished height that is 300 linear feet long. Linear footage is a measurement of feet as if you measured with a tape measure. If you have a large area to measure, measuring wheels are available in most hardware stores. You can also walk toe to heel and count your steps to estimate the size deer fence kit you will need. Have a surveyed map of your property? Most have linear footage that you can scale from with a ruler. Another more modern way to figure out linear footage is to scale using online tools like google maps - as a basic example, pull up your home or business on google maps - you may be able to estimate the linear footage of a deer fence kit needed by using your building as a reference (your house is 50x25 so you can use the 50 or 25ft measurement that you know - your house - to scale where your fence will go). There are also some online websites and programs that will allow you to draw lines on arial views and it will let you know the linear footage. This may or may not be helpful depending on the size of the deer fencing kit you are trying to build. 

Deer Fence Kit Types:

DEER FENCE KITS WITH RODENT BARRIER (MOST POPULAR) This is the most popular type of deer fence kit. These kits consist of poly or steel deer fencing (in all different heights and strengths) paired with an additional layer of smaller opening size steel fencing (in different heights, strengths and opening sizes). The purpose of these fence kits is to not only exclude large animals like deer but also small animals like rabbits, groundhogs, snakes and more. These kits include extra fencing to overlap on top of the ground and to pin to the ground with included ground stakes. This covers changes in grade, peaks and valleys in your landscape. These kits also make it very easy to have a nice looking finished product; the top fencing gets installed at the top of each post while the bottom fencing takes up all the changes along the ground. The seam between the two types of fencing can be done with included fence ties or by the addition of a hogringer hand tool and hogrings found here: hogringer hand tools - Suggested: the hogringer 11/16 with hogrings for small fences and hogringer 9/16 with 2500 hogrings separately for medium to large fences (above 500 linear feet).


DEER FENCE KITS WITH GROUND OVERLAPThis is also a popular type of deer fence kit. They are designed to contain or exclude small to large animals (depending on the fence mesh you choose) but do not include a second layer of fence. These kits include extra fencing to overlap on top of the ground and to pin to the ground with included ground stakes. This covers changes in grade, peaks and valleys in your landscape. This prevents deer from being able to push up under a fence for access. These kits also make it very easy to have a nice looking finished product; the top fencing gets installed at the top of each post while the bottom fencing takes up all the changes along the ground.


DEER FENCE KITS WITHOUT RODENT BARRIER OR OVERLAPThese fence kits don't include a rodent barrier and don't overlap on the ground. That means for example if you order a 7 1/2 foot fence kit, we will ship you posts that come out of the ground 7 1/2 feet and 7 1/2 foot tall deer fence. This configuration is great for customers protecting arborvitae or other shrubs, for example. It's also a great choice for customers that need to take down their fence seasonally or for a removable deer fence. Included ground sleeves stay in the ground, while posts and fencing are removed for storage.


DEER FENCE KITS WITH ANGLED CLIMB PROTECTIONThese are specially designed fence kits that include protection against climbing animals (in, out or both ways in and out). The posts in these kits include extensions on the top of each post; when paired with included fencing, these extensions make an overhead canopy that animals can't climb over. These kits can include overlap and a rodent barrier. They are most often used by customers that want to keep their cats in and other animals out.


DEER FENCE KITS WITH FOUR SIDES AND A TOPThese deer fence kits consist of all 1" opening size or smaller fencing and are engineered to exclude most animals including birds. These kits are great for customers that want to grow anything that is normally eaten by birds, such as berries, or climbing animals like raccoons.


DEER FENCE RETROFIT KITS - MAKE YOUR EXISTING FENCE HIGHERHave a shorter fence you would like to extend up higher? These fence kits make it easy to convert your existing conventional fence to an effective deer fence.


Deer fence post installation schematic, using our no-dig no concrete ground sleeves:


If you have any questions please email or give us a call at 855-921-7900, we're happy to help with your project. We're also available by email after hours and weekends time permitting.

Deer Fence Kit Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deer fence kit?
A deer fence kit is a bundle of fence parts that when assembled creates a deer fence starting from nothing. Common parts include fence posts, garden fencing, hardware to attach deer fencing to posts and ground stakes to pin the base of the deer fence to the ground (to prevent animals from going under the fence).
How is this type of fencing different from other deer fences or deer fence kits?
We specialize in fences to keep animals in or out. Our deer fence kits (depending on the options you choose) include deer fence post ground sleeves that have a set screw. Once the sleeves are installed in the ground, our round tubular posts slide into the ground sleeves and lock in with a set screw. This makes the deer fence kit permanent or removable (useful for temporary deer fences – fence is up during the growing season and taken down otherwise, leaving space to till the ground etc). Our fence kits are very customizable – different opening sizes, heights, lengths etc.
Are deer fence kits expensive?
No. You will find that our do it yourself DIY deer fence kits are much less expensive than conventional fencing (stockade, chain link, aluminum) and very customizable. Vast areas can be fenced in for a low cost per linear foot depending on the options you choose.
What is the best deer fence kit?
The best deer fence kit effectively keeps out all the animals you are trying to stop from entering an area. This varies greatly depending on the types of plants and the types of animals in your area. For example, 2x2 opening size fence is great for excluding deer – but – rabbits can push through and needs a 1x1 opening size (at least on the bottom, rabbits don’t climb).
What are the best deer fence kits for 2023?
The best and most common metal deer fence for 2023 (compared to traditional, older deer fence types) is a 2x2 opening size tall fence to exclude deer in poly or metal paired with a 1x1 or 1/2x1/2 36 inch bottom wire. This allows for a 30 inch tall deer fence rodent barrier with 6 inches of overlap on the ground, pinned to the ground facing outwards. This deters animals like rabbits from digging up under the fence for access.
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