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Compare Deer Fence

A deer fence kit is a selection of fencing, fence posts, accessories and hardware to build a complete deer fence starting from nothing. These type of fences are designed to keep out or contain deer & elk.

There are 1000+ fence kits, combinations and options within each fence kit. The purpose of this page is to help you compare the choices to best select the deer fence kit or parts you need.

Deer Fence Information:

Deer Fence Kits:

Deer Fence Kits With Rodent Barrier (MOST POPULAR) (Two Layers Of Fence) This is the most popular type of deer fence. These kits consist of poly deer fencing (in all different heights and strengths) or steel with some smaller opening size steel fencing (in different heights, strengths and opening sizes). The purpose of these fence kits is to not only exclude large animals like deer (poly fence is great for deer) but also small animals like rabbits, groundhogs, snakes, etc.


Deer Fence Kits Without Rodent BarrierPoly or steel fence kits that include a minimum of 6" of overlap to pin to the ground. Great for all types of non-chewing animals like deer that can also try and push up under a fence with their noses. Also can be removable or permanent.


Deer Fence Kits Without Rodent Barrier Or OverlapThese fence kits don't include a rodent barrier and don't overlap on the ground. That means for example if you order a 8 foot fence kit, we will ship you posts that come out of the ground 8 feet and 8 tall deer fence to be hung on those posts. This configuration is great for customers protecting arborvitae or other shrubs, for example. It's also a great choice for customers that need to take down their fence seasonally or for a removable deer fence. Our post sleeve system includes locking set screws which hold our deer fence posts in the ground. Ground sleeves stay in the ground, while posts and fencing are removed for storage. Optional post sleeve caps can be used to cover ground sleeves when not in use.


Deer Fence Kits With Angled Climb ProtectionThese are specially designed fence kits that include protection against climbing animals (keeps animas in, keeps animals out or keeps animals both ways in and out). The posts in these kits include extensions on the top of each post; when paired with included fencing, these extensions make an overhead canopy that animals can't climb over. These kits can include overlap on the ground and also a rodent barrier. They are most often used by customers that want to keep their cats in and other animals out but are also used for keeping out raccoons and coyotes.


Deer Fence Kits With Four Sides And a TopThese deer fence kits consist of all 1" opening size or smaller fencing and are engineered to exclude most animals including birds. These kits are great for customers that want to grow anything that is normally eaten by birds, such as berries, or climbing animals like raccoons. These fence kits are specific in size and can cover smaller areas because of their modular design.


Deer Fence Retrofit Kits - Make Your Existing Fence HigherHave a shorter fence you would like to extend up higher? These fence kits make it easy to convert your existing conventional fence to an effective deer fence. For example, extensions to increase the height of your chain link fence, wood fence, aluminum fence to deer proof your yard.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 855-921-7900 or visit our deer fence information page: WHAT IS DEER FENCING? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

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