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Deer grates are heavy concrete or steel structures used in conjunction with or in place of a driveway gate to keep deer out.

Properly engineered deer grates don't allow deer to pass over because:

1) the top has rounded designed slats or ribs they can't walk on

2) the spacing between the grates won't allow deer to bypass the ribs

There are a few different types of grates on the market, from a few different manufacturers. We don't sell deer grates, this page is for information only. Some searches online for deer grate suppliers include "deer grates", "deer guards", "cattle grates" and "cattle guards". The best value (as opposed to buying from resellers and marketers) will come from the makers of concrete deer grates themselves. For example, Keystone Concrete in PA has the forms to make deer grates and has been making and installing them for many years. There are a few out there. 

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