Enclosed Protection for Raised Beds

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Janet W from Westport, CT used two kinds of metal fence, the 1"x1" square grid and the 1/4" shorter roll on the bottom to keep out small critters around her raised beds. https://www.critterfence.com/p/635-Critterfence-Black-Steel-1-Inch-Square-Grid-8-x-100.aspx and https://www.critterfence.com/p/678-Critterfence-Black-Steel-1/4-Inch-Square-Grid-2-x-50

"I wish to thank John for all his help and suggestions. The 1/4 inch and 1 inch wire meshes were very easy to install and look just as I wanted. I used black U tacks from my local hardware store. Yesterday I had the pleasure of sowing seeds for my cold weather crops. I have not put anything in my newest bin yet. Note it and the structure posts haven’t turned brown yet The boiled linseed oil should do that in time."

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