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Considering a garden fence or garden fencing options? You can shop and compare complete garden fence kits here with everything you need to build a garden fence from scratch.


These garden fence kits are designed for many different applications, to exclude different types of wildlife and other animals.

Some common garden area pests include deer, woodchucks aka groundhogs, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks and more. Some customers install a garden fence kit to simply keep their neighbors dog or cat out of their vegetable garden.

Removable Seasonal Protection: Most of these garden fence kits can be made permanent or removable, it's up to you. We use heavy galvanized black powder coated steel sleeves that are driven into the ground. Our galvanized black powder coated round posts then slide inside the sleeves and lock in with a set screw. For removable applications, leave the sleeves in the ground year round and cover with optional sleeve caps when not in use. Included black set screws release or lock posts in place. Corner posts and access gates can also use our ground sleeves with locking set screws.

We have a few different types of garden fencing kits depending on your application. Some customers just need a 6 foot removable fence to protect their arborvitae from deer browsing during the winter. Other customers may need a permanent, complete garden fence with a top to protect against the onslaught of birds, raccoons and squirrels trying to get at their blueberries.

Post installation example, using our locking post & ground sleeve system (no concrete needed):

Garden Fence Post Installation Drawing
Garden Fence Post Installation Drawing


There are 1000+ options for garden fences, kits and selectable options within each kit. The purpose of the information below is to help you compare and narrow down what you are looking for.

Garden fence with rodent barrier

Garden Fence With Rodent Barrier (Two Layers Of Fence With Overlap)All steel or steel and poly kits with an extra layer of steel rodent barrier fencing - includes a minimum of 6" of overlap to pin to the ground. Great for all types of animals and our most popular type of fence kit. Can be removable or permanent.

Garden fence with overlap steel

One Layer Of Garden Fence With OverlapSteel or poly kits that include a minimum of 6" of overlap to pin to the ground. Great for all types of non-chewing animals like deer that can also try and push up under a fence with their noses. Also can be removable or permanent.

Garden fence no overlap

One Layer Of Garden Fence No OverlapThese kits don't have extra layers of steel rodent barrier fencing or overlap pinned to the ground. For example, you may have 5 foot high posts and 5 foot fencing to go on the posts. This is the best configuration for portable fences, seasonal garden fences or movable barrier fences. For example, a 4 foot fence to keep geese from pulling apart a lawn area or to set up a fence to keep children from wandering out of the yard.

Garden fencing no climb post extenders

With No-Climb Post ExtendersThe same as the above kits but with additional no-climb post extenders. These fence kits include posts with extenders to exclude or contain climbing animals in one direction. For example, to keep raccoons out of your vegetable garden. There are also fence kits with double no-climb extenders to keep climbing animals in and out (for example, to keep your cats in and other cats out).

Enclosed garden fence

Enclosed With TopCompletely enclosed with four sides and a top. Has a 1" opening size to also keep out birds. Can also be removable but with substantial work. This is a great fence for customers that are protecting berries.

Garden fencing retrofit kits

Add On Kits - Retrofit KitsFence kits designed to retrofit your existing conventional fence with fence extensions to raise the height of your fence, attach no-climb hardware and more.

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