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Wire Fence Rolls

Wire Fence Information

Welded wire fence, hardware cloth photo

There are many different wire fence options on the market. If you are looking for high quality, long lasting wire fence our product is for you.

Here’s why:

  • Our wire fence is hot dip galvanized after being made, then (if applicable) black PVC coated. This applies to all of fence including our welded wire fence, woven wire fence, knotted fence and hardware cloth. This process starts with the bare wire product being made into fence through welding, weaving etc. The entire roll is produced, then entirely dipped in the zinc galvanization process. Once done it can be black PVC coated. This is different than galvanized before welding where the wire itself is galvanized, then welded into a fence roll – the welds (intersections) are not galvanized. This is also different than electro galvanized where current is used to attach zinc to the wire, then it’s welded (most common). Both other processes are less expensive than hot dip galvanized after welding and also do not last as long. For more information, please visit: wire fence galvanization comparison
  • We specialize in fence to keep animals in or out. For example at the base of a wire garden fence to keep digging animals out of a garden, customers will bury our wire fence or hardware cloth. It’s engineered for fence to soil contact and made for long life outdoors.
  • We have widths, lengths and opening sizes not found anywhere else. For example opening sizes 1/4x1/4, 1/2x1/2, 2x2, 2x4 and traditional field fence graduated fence. Widths/heights of 6”, 8”, 12”, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7 1/2 ft and 8ft. Some uncommon rolls include 5 x 100 1/2x1/2 welded wire fence black, 7 ½ x 100ft rolls of 1x1 welded wire fence black and 75/100 foot rolls of graduated field fence that is able to be moved by hand (most field fence rolls are 330ft long and too heavy to be moved by hand, must be moved by machine).
  • We specialize in direct to consumer/end user sales. Although we service and ship to large wholesale customers and municipalities, we also ship directly to consumers – homeowners, growers, pet owners – at wholesale direct pricing with free shipping over $99.
  • We offer complete fence kits. Using our welded wire fence rolls, woven wire fence rolls and hardware cloth choose from high quality complete fence kits to build a complete fence from scratch. There are 1000 different options to choose from including height, length, strength, opening size and more. For more information or to view our fence kits, please visit: fence kits

Wire Fence Frequently Asked Questions

What is welded wire fence?
Welded wire fence is a process in which spools of wire are fed into a machine that welds the wire together forming a square or rectangular pattern. Welded wire fence is typically stiffer and stronger than woven wire fence because of the welds at the intersection. The intersection or joints are fixed and do not move.
What is woven wire fence?
Woven wire fence is sometimes known as farm fence, field fence or wildlife fence in its higher gauge (thicker versions). In it’s thinnest versions it can be formed in a hex shape as chicken wire, hex wire or steel web. These woven wire fence types are formed like the name suggests – woven together by a machine.
What is hardware cloth?
Hardware cloth refers to small opening size welded wire mesh, or welded wire fence
What is farm fence?
Farm fence is typically graduated (big opening size squares at the top, small opening size squares or rectangles on the bottom) wire fence that is not PVC coated (plain silver). It’s often supported by 4” cedar wood posts or CCA posts (a heavily treated wood post). It’s most often used in shorter heights for farm animal containment such as goats, horses, and more. Welded wire fence is becoming more popular for farm fence applications.
What is field fence?
Field fence is typically graduated (big opening size squares at the top, small opening size squares or rectangles on the bottom) wire fence that is not PVC coated (plain silver). It’s usually 6 feet tall or 8 feet tall and is used to border large areas from deer and other wildlife. It’s often supported by 4-6” cedar wood posts or CCA posts (a heavily treated wood post). We do not suggest or recommend field fence for large areas; deer and wildlife can get stuck in this type of fencing and die or get hurt. Welded wire fence is becoming more popular for field fence applications.
What is wire fence made of?
Wire fence starts off as carbon steel black wire. It’s usually galvanized, then for our purposes black PVC coated
What is wire gauge?
Wire gauge is a measurement of wire thickness. In the US we use the AWG system (as opposed to the metric system overseas measurement of MM). The higher the number the thinner the wire. For example, big box chicken wire can be 22ga where chain link fence can be 12ga. Usually customers choose a balance between weight and strength – for example, our 19ga black hot dip galvanized 1x1 welded wire is great for gardens at 1400 pounds of breaking strength per square foot, but – weighs less than 100 pounds for a full 8 foot tall fence roll (easily manageable without a machine). It’s also less visible and blends in better than chain link fence.

Wire Fence Comparison

There are many different types of wire fence to compare – welded wire fence, hardware cloth, woven wire fence – PVC coated or plain galvanized silver. There isn’t one specific best wire fence for all projects or applications.

In general, most wire fence customers end up selecting these fence rolls (most popular):

  • Our 1x1 black PVC coated hot dip galvanized welded wire fence. This type of fencing is a great all around fence to keep most animals in or out. It’s strong, not very visible, long lasting and is easy to work with. It has a nice square shape and is typically used for gardens or as a backyard fence. With a one inch opening size it will keep out most animals. This 1x1 is very popular as a bottom wire chew barrier on top of our poly deer fencing.
  • Our 2x2 or 2x4 black PVC coated hot dip galvanized welded wire fence. This type of fencing is a great fence to contain or exclude large animals. For example, to keep in dogs or to keep out deer. It’s thicker and stronger than our 1x1 but won’t keep out smaller animals like rabbits.
  • Our 1/2x1/2 or 1/4x1/4 black PVC coated hot dip galvanized welded wire fence. This is often referred to has hardware cloth and is used by customers building areas to keep chickens in or building chicken coops. It’s used to keep snakes out as well as other predators. Small opening size hardware cloth makes it hard for predators like coyotes to get the leverage they need to chew into an area.

Below are all our different types of wire fence and hardware cloth separated by type:

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