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Garden Access Gates 3 feet wide to 7 feet wide

  • Garden access gates are sorted by height, click on each individual access gate to select the width
  • Include support posts which can either be 1) installed in concrete (standard) or 2) optionally installed in ground sleeves (selectable as an option)
  • 6ft and taller garden access gates include a bar across the top connecting the two support posts. Gates shorter than 6ft don't include this top bar but instead have two diagonal side braces.
  • These garden access gates include the frame and hardware only. You will need to use fencing to cover the frame. The reason for this is that access gates are universal and work with all different types of fencing; simply use the fence material in your fence kit to cover the gate to match. We do include 50 extra small fence ties to attach your fencing to the new gate.
  • Includes detailed photo assembly instructions

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