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Critterfence 1100 Poly Fence Mesh

  • 25 year useful life
  • Round strand plastic polypropylene polymer - less visible
  • 950 pounds certified breaking strength
  • 2" approximate opening size
  • Will not corrode or rust
  • Lightweight and easy to work with, but heavier than the 700 and 800 poly
  • Has one finished top edge
  • Ships full size (not folded - full length) wrapped in plastic
  • Typically used for medium to large animals like deer, farm animals, dogs, cats etc.
  • Suggested for commercial or agricultural grade applications greater than 500 linear feet. Also used for deer containment or anytime the best available product is needed. Requires closer post spacing than the 700 or 800 poly.

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Roll sizes below are represented by height and length. For example: 7.5 x 100 is 7 1/2 feet tall by 100 feet long.

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