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Garden Double Dual Leaf Driveway Gates 8ft wide to 24 feet wide

  • Garden double dual leaf driveway gates are sorted by height, click on each individual access gate to select the width
  • Include wide, 2.375 heavy wall support posts which will need to be installed with concrete
  • These garden double driveway gates all include 1 5/8 diagonal support side braces with hardware
  • These garden double driveway gates include the frame and hardware only. You will need to use fencing to cover the frame. The reason for this is that access gates are universal and work with all different types of fencing; simply use the fence material in your fence kit to cover the gate to match. We do include 40 extra small fence ties to attach your fencing to the new gate.
  • Includes detailed photo assembly instructions
  • These garden double driveway gates consist of two large swinging panels that latch to each other in the middle. One side is secured to the ground with an included drop rod for the base of the gate. 
  • Gates are total widths. For example if you select 12 feet wide you will receive two 6 foot panels that come together giving you a 12 foot opening.

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